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Top 10 Cannabis Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

The cannabis industry is finally done fighting for legalization after decades of protests and movements. In the light of its legalization spree around the world, the cannabis industry continues to mature and grow exponentially with each passing day. The growth is not only in terms of the size of the market, but also in the methods of production, and inclusion of innovative cannabis tech solutions.

One of the hottest cannabis tech solutions in indoor cultivation right now is crop steering. This technique has been adapted for optimizing production yields by manipulating growing conditions and feedings to ‘steer’ plants into vegetative or generative growth. When it comes to the marketing side, numerous promising digital platforms are on the rise that combine advanced analytical tools with A.I. technology to identify what people actually want from cannabis brands based on their online activities – both in search and in social. As cannabis consumption continues to make inroads into the popular culture, this technological prowess will have a huge impact on both content creators and marketers looking to further their reach and serve exactly what cannabis consumers are looking for—in an informed, targeted, and intentional manner.

Staying ahead of all the technological trends cannabis industry showing great potential, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts, along with the editorial board of Food and Beverages Tech Review, has compiled a list of the top cannabis solution providers in and around Europe that are taking the cannabis solution market by storm. The companies mentioned in the list have gained a laudable reputation for both high customer value and greater compliance in the cannabis tech solution domain.

We present to you Food and Beverage Tech Review’s “Top 10 Cannabis Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2021.”

    Top Cannabis Tech Solution Companies in Europe

  • Isolate Extraction Systems Inc. (IES) was founded in 2012 and manufactures safe, high-quality, food-grade super-critical CO2 extraction equipment backed by professional service and a customer-first approach.The extraction equipment from IES extracts oils and active compounds from almost any biomass using liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide as a solvent. Currently, IES is continuing to develop state-of-the-art technology and a 100 percent automated method to create the most sophisticated equipment in terms of safety, efficiency, dependability, and convenience of use as the industry's leading botanical extraction equipment suppliers


  • To help budding entrepreneurs start a profitable Cannabis Business, Juicy Fields provides a crowd growing platform that connects would-be investors with medical cannabis businesses looking for financing. The company’s platform enables investors the opportunity to earn revenue by helping small businesses in the cannabis industry expand and improve without land, financing or start-up risks. Juicy Fields crowd growing platform enables budding entrepreneurs to start a cannabis growing business without the expertise and necessary resources. Users can simply select the strain of cannabis and the number of plants they would want to have in their greenhouses; the company’s growing experts take care of the rest, who will cultivate the plants and turn them into a profit in as little as 108 days


  • Nedcann leverages state-of-the-art equipment, techniques and superior quality materials to cultivate medicinal cannabis of the best quality at its solely indoor cultivation facilities. Such an approach gives Nedcann total control over the production process to maintain the necessary quality of the cannabis plants required for the pharmaceutical industry. Nedcann has created numerous small and medium-sized growing rooms with absolute controlled monitoring and optimal combinations of fertiliser, temperature, humidity, light, water, and CO2 using different sensors and software—to optimise medical cannabis production. The company has built several test rooms as well to continuously experiment with appropriate components to initiate different enzymatic processes in the medical cannabis plants


  • QSI


    QSI can offer analyses for food according to ISO 17025, as well as GMP-certified analyses, for example for the strongly regulated market for Medical Cannabis. Founded in 1954 as a laboratory for honey analysis, QSI has expanded its portfolio of analyses over the years. In 2017, when the use of Medical Cannabis was legalised in Germany, QSI has started testing cannabis and hemp containing products, since the very first day, as the first laboratory in Germany. Driven by long term laboratory experience, QSI leads the area of instrumental analysis and is equipped with state-of-the-art methods and instruments. The company is highly dedicated to herbal drugs such as hemp/cannabis


  • SpexAI has developed a cutting-edge technology that combines custom spectral sensors and a deep neural network to predict the future of cannabis plants. This unique technology empowers growers to monitor the plants during growth and determine the cannabinoid levels without human intervention. The combination of spectral data and AI will drastically improve the development of medicinal cannabis


  • Canapar


    Canapar is a corporation based in Sicily (Ragusa) with the mission of developing and optimizing organic farming of cannabis and the process of its derivatives. Canapar works in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the University of Catania. Canapar has a growing outsource farming model, supporting farmers with continuing education and establishment of organic cannabis cultivations. Canapar will process all cannabis derivatives in its planned facility. Its strength is creating guided connections between institutions and farmers, with the goal of improving and capitalize in the fast merging market of cannabis

  • Crystal Hemp

    Crystal Hemp

    Crystal Hemp is a swiss lifescience company with a longstanding experience on cannabinoids for pharmaceutical applications. Strengthened by a unique vertical integration and thanks to its extensive R&D scientific expertise, Crystal Hemp has developed an innovative series of dermatological and central nervous system products. Raw materials for industrial, pharmaceutical and cosmetic use are manufactured and delivered through its affiliate Bio Hemp Trade

  • HemPoland


    HemPoland is part of the international group The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. and at the same time the first company in Poland that has obtained a license to grow and process fiber hemp. From the beginning, HemPoland focuses on dynamic development and invest in innovative solutions on a global scale

  • Oxycom


    A common challenge faced by production facilities today is how to create an indoor climate that is beneficial to both their employees and production processes. At the same time, production facilities need to reduce their energy costs. Oxycom is a global supplier of adiabatic cooling systems, developed with the ambition to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the traditional air conditioning industry

  • Plasma International

    Plasma International

    With over 15 years of experience in developing and improving the plasma lighting, Plasma International is a competent partner for lighting projects with the quality standards

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